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Stonekite - Dieter & Didier Steehaut

Stonekite is a Belgian band whom consists of Dieter Steenhaut (music) and Didier Steenhaut (vocals). The alternative sounding instrumental is a nice mixture between electronics and pop music. The vocal resonance creates a feeling of comfort and opens a door to absorb you inside. It’s uplifting with great melodies and a refreshing drive.

- Buzz Music -

The master cards of the band are the melodic beats that make us move our bodies.
If their music reaches a large wide audience, we believe people can become moved and touched.

- Dansende Beren -

Can music save the world? We wouldn’t know, but a bit of positivism can’t harm and who is keen on some uplifting music can dive into the arms of Stonekite.


- Luminous Dash -


The most heartwarming music...


- Dagelijksvanalles -

'Our Song' is their latest single and it has been supported by the Spotify team on New Music Friday BE and Tune In!

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